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Everybody wants a story. Something to sell. I’m here to tell you that there isn’t one with this album, at least in the traditional sense, but ten. Perhaps each of them contain more stories, sitting inside each other like nesting dolls. I could sit here and tell you that some of the songs are about growing up in the Black Hills. Some of the songs are about my parents. Some of the songs are about sexuality. Some of the songs are about loss of youth, teenage parenthood, the lines of social disorder for women, or the terror of jealousy and suspicion. But what I write is borne of my own set of memories and ideas, and once they are released into the world, they do not belong to me anymore. The interpretation is all yours, therefore these stories are yours. What I can tell you is this: My name is HALEY. I’m 33 years old, a Taurus, and I live in Saint Paul, MN with my daughter Clementine. Impossible Dream is my 7th full length studio album. I also sing in a band called Gramma’s Boyfriend.


Latest News

New shows added for fall 2018
HALEY's new full length album, Pleasureland, will be released this fall. More news on that soon! Meanwhile, tour dates in UK and EU are on sale now.

HALEY will also be performing some shows this fall in and around Minnesota, including the album release show at the Cedar Cultural Center on December 8th 2018. Check out tour dates for more info on local shows.

July 2, 2018
HALEY is heading to the UK this week for Record Store Day!
Haley's first release under her new name will be released on Memphis Industries April 21st, 2018 on limited edition red vinyl 7". The songs "Bratt" and "My Wave" will both be available to stream world wide on April 21st as well. You can stream BRATT here.

Following a live BBC6 Music broadcast from the worlds oldest running record store, Spillers in Cardiff, UK, with Lauren Luverne, Haley will embark on a record store day tour in the UK. The schedule is as follows:

April 16, 2018
Pizza Luce Block Party
Catch HALEY (at 6pm) along with Allan Kingdom, Craig Finn, and more at the Pizza Luce Block Party on Saturday, August 12th. Free admission.

August 11, 2017
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