Lure The Fox

Dusty veils lie on the floor’s new footsteps
your daddy came and left, he bought you a safety gun
and when you won the rodeo, he bought you a safety pin
so you could hold it all in.
The sun is wearing out your eyes, they look across the land
but they can’t tell sea from sand now who will hold your hand
and who will rub your back, your chains run deep.

But I been waiting for your word, been hoping that the earth
won’t suddenly catch fire, we’ll call them on. the dirty liars.
they can deal with us, they can deal with us.

The smoke will always clear, but the air will always taste
like your cigarettes and place. Time’s got me by the neck.
I’m standing by your stone, the words are meaningless but
they go forever.

Now I’m walking through the rooms where you used to stamp
your feet, you used to call my shame. But you won’t go down in flames
its a tuckered way to think, but you had your father’s eyes.

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