Sing With Me EP
Sing With Me

You can sing most anywhere

When your ride your bike

Or you wash your hair

At the grocery store

To your teddy bear

I like to sing and I don’t care

What the people say when

They want some quiet

Here’s what you can say

Just to start a riot

Say sing with me


Sing with me why don’t you

sing with me why don’t sing with me


If you don’t have friends

Then you don’t have love

But if you sing to them

They will be your friends

Cause it means you love them

And they can tell

When you sing it loud and you sing so well

You don’t even have to play guitar

You can sing from the back seat

Of your mama’s car

You can sing to your fish or your dog

Or your cat if you ask them to join

You in the chorus that goes


Sing with me why don’t you sing with me

Why don’t you sing with me…


You don’t have to know what your singing about

You don’t need to whisper you don’t need to shout

Open up your mind

Open up your voice

Pick a syllable and a vowel of choice

And say la la la

Do do do do do dodo

Me me me me me me

So so so so so so what

Sing with me…

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