Big Star
Queen of Everything

rock n’ roll’s got a big stereo now
it wont go to heaven and wont go
to hell it’ll tear you from the inside
fuck with your spine, take you to the
same place i lost my mind.
call me all the names you know i can’t understand
take me by the hair then take me by the
hand before i break another record with
a fist in my hand i’m gonna let you all know
exactly where i stand. and do you think
its gonna change, do you think its a little
strange and let it roll down your tongue
like your the queen of everything.
baby when you lie to me i feel free
it bounces out your mouth and out onto
the street you say i talk like a sailor and
you dont like my tone, well get off my
ship cause i’m going home.
and when i’m home, i’ll get some sleep,
no time to talk, cause talk is cheap
and let me hear what i want, like i’m the
queen of everything. when you gonna
blow your stack?

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