Impossible Dream
Jealous Girls

Jealous girls don’t have no fun
Unless they’re sure they’re the only one.
And they kick themselves when they’re all alone
Imagine you’ve run off, over-check their phone
And they paint themselves a new shade of red
And they burn the sheets while you rest your head.

We woke up from the same dream
I reached for you as you reached for me
And we look as though we’ve done something wrong
There’s no end to this feeling
I’m tired of bleeding my own selfish issues on you
While you’re sleeping

But jealous girls will keep losing sleep
While you’re on the road and you’re trying to keep
Your hands to yourself
But they come so close….No matter how you swerve,
You’re gonna hit that post
They’re reminding you that you’ve still got youth
You look just as good when you speak the truth.

And you turn up your guitar
In another shitty bar in another shitty town
And you wonder when you’ll wake up
Yeah you wonder when you’ll wake up
From this long distance daydream of
Playing while girls scream
Alone in a hotel
Like piss in your ice cream

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