Big Star
Highway 16

highway 16 is so pretty got a part-time
job working in the city got a guy on my
arm and everythings going fine
so with a heave and a laugh i put my
foot on the gas, don’t stop for directions
no time to ask. i gotta get my ass across that
county line.
yeah my job was great, it put food on my plate
but it all gets old i wanna start clean slate
so i packed my blue suitcase and hit the road.
yeah my boss was mad and my guy got sad
but they couldn’t make me feel so bad that i
wouldn’t just jump the gun, get up and go.
hitting the highway is so sweet when its
nothing but you and your own two feet
who says life’s weighed down to a rickety
old town where everybody knows your name?
its just me and a map and a cup in my lap
life’s getting a lot better, no doubt about that
but i got this feeling all that’s about to change.
that open road was calling me i had no idea
it was so lonely after 2,000 miles the roads
all seem the same. there’s a lot of time to just
clear your mind and listen to the same tapes
18 times and think about the ones i’ve left
behind. lets think about the ones i’ve left behind.

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