Last War
From a Cage

If I washed my clothes and I combed my hair
would you look at me the same
all this time I believed I had lost control but this doesn’t have a name
if I split down the middle and I worked real hard could I learn
to shut you out
people told us we were crazy and maybe they were right
but that’s not what this is about

(Chorus 1)

cause they’ve never lived without it
never needed it so bad
that they’d sell out their whole family
for a taste
well she treated you so fancy
before she treated you so mean
but she made a good companion either way

Sitting in the snow while we trace our tracks
but we can’t go back again
I’m not your mother and you’re not a child
honey we weren’t even friends
you were born into an ocean
I grew up in a swimming pool
underneath the band aid colored pain
I had barely learned to hold you
I had barely spoke your name
when I began to love you without shame

(Chorus 2)

but I’ll learn to live without it
never loved it any way
and I’ll ride my plastic pony to the sun
well they’re closing down the party
and they’re bringing heavy chains
but we’ll learn to love our freedom
from a cage

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