Last War
Eat For Free

while I quietly throw through the air
all your little jokes
any smoke from any old fire
will keep my trash heap stoked
did i mention i may forget,
why i even came
i’m addicted so i’m absolved
of any cause of pain


here comes the wave
it’s higher than any one before
my love be brave
as it knocks our bodies back to shore
eyes closed we see
green blades dancing in the sun
maybe we’ve been putting on a show for everyone

I’ll be kinder if you’ll be kind
keep the drugs at bay
pull the chord and see how we fly
with only ourselves to blame

(Chorus 2)

I bet you’d stay if you knew what would happen if you did
who cares I’ll say as I cast my ribbons to the wind
we’ll always be stars with million dollar guns
we eat for free to put on a show for everyone

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