Candy Machine Gun

We began where we began*
Same old story with a different plan
Same old woman meets the same old man
And they knock each other out 

It rained so hard as we drove across the state
You laughed at first but then your chemistry was strange
The light in your eyes fell away like loose change
And I tried to figure out
Who you were at all, who you were at all
You were at all something of a garden,
Something of a martyr, I’m helpless in your hands 

Oh yeah my candy machine gun lemonade flavored
Poison don’t turn away from me
Of all seven daughters he loved the youngest
her long brown hair felt no shame in his caress
‘don’t be suspicious of my love it was no accident’
he told her without name 

I’ve become so defined by you I can’t tell up from down
the nature of your beauty pulls my bones into the ground
I smile though I ache as though the wind has stole my crown
and it makes me laugh like Cain did
and you weren’t at all, no you weren’t at all
something of a garden, something of a martyr 

I’m so helpless in your hands oh yeah
my candy machine gun, lemonade flavored poison
don’t turn away from me

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