Impossible Dream
Called You Queen

Born in the spring, I’ve always needed
Something to feel new
And come to think of it now, so did you
Maybe that explains this fascination with death
Or a lack of ammunition

“It wasn’t me”, I heard you say
“The cross protects you from the shame”
That comes along with living in the kind of world
Where boys can only kiss the girls

Excuse me, sir, do you have a light?
I know that I can be dark
But that’s what makes us brighter than the rest
Who’d think a weight like this could make you feel blessed?
Or a lack of seratonin

That shakes your brain
Until nothing’s left to rearrange
Folks start looking at you strange
Stoned by noon you fade away
Into the place that doesn’t feel,
Nothing to hide, nothing to steal

Not bittersweet, the taste of living an
Impossible dream
But we both know your future wasn’t with me
Long before your body betrayed you

Royalty, through the streamers and the beams
They tied you up and called you Queen
Passed out in a bathroom stall
You still looked better than them all
I kissed your head and walked away
Watched the castle dance in flames

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