Impossible Dream
Better Than Me

Way back in the center of my mind
There’s a building that I love to climb
One day there were guys with a knife
I rode my bicycle faster than a lightning bolt
In the summer cicadas played a song
The heat was great so the storms were strong
We would listen to the sound of the train
Taking the rooftops higher than the airplanes go

Just a feeling, could be real
I was never sure so I kept it to myself
I was strange and I wanted to believe
Nobody hides better than me
Just enough to get a little buzz
Parked on the skyline hidden from the cops
Lay a blanket on the top of the car
Watching the Milky Way and wondering how far we’ll go
We love the hills, but we hate the town
Everybody tries to shut us down
When you pay a few dollars to get into the show
Get your mind blown then stand around the kids and
Smoke a thousand cigarettes

Just a little, not enough
They grab you by the collar when the going gets rough
We were strange and we wanted to believe
Nobody hides better than we did
Nobody hides better than we did

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