Big Star
Better Half

what happened to you? you used to be punk.
now they filled up your head and you spend your
days drunk on the itty bitty sound of your itty bitty
guitar, thanking god that your old image has helped
you get this far.
but when you exhale do you still smell smoke,
when you laugh now is it still at a joke
or are you so full of fire that you feel yourself
choke, on your better half.
i guess when you age you start realizing things
you start doing your part and wearing left-handed
rings. then you wake up at night in the middle of your past
at the edge of your bed with your head floating
i used to get high at the sound of your laugh
now you’re boring and sad and you’ve always
got cash. but when you close your eyes are you
still waving back on your better half.
we called ourselves free, but we loved the
weight of the chains and the smile on your
mouth is run with old coffee stains. standing
right in front, 4 bucks for the show, i felt
myself lifting and my ears start to blow.
the windows were easy to crawl out at night,
it’d be just you and me and the bright starry light.
i said ‘i wanna forget you but i don’t know how’
but you must not have heard me cause you
started to laugh at your better half.

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