Bad For You

Everything’s bad for you honey.
Everything’s bad for you
Don’t forget what your told or you’ll never grow old
everything’s bad for you.
Don’t laugh too much or cry too much or eat
a candy bar for your lunch don’t hope don’t dope
or hate the pope or use unhypoallergenic soap
don’t eat don’t chew don’t drive your car or pick
up strange men from the bar don’t pet stray cats
or smoke cigars cause all of it’s bad for you.
Yeah, everything’s bad for you from the sun in the sky
to the gum on your shoe, sleeping too much or having
nothing to do, everything’s bad for you.
Oh everything’s bad for you loud rock n’ roll and the
government too, swearing and staring in the swimming pools
everything’s bad for you.
TV shows and magazines, huffing on markers or gasoline
dressing like a tramp or a beauty queen then trying to get
to heaven but your hands ain’t clean yeah everything’s
bad for you…

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