A Piano

The King and Queen of many things,
but not the Cuckoo’s colored wings,
had laughed at me and everything
around the land that lay so barren
I still wonder if they’re laughing
in the dark with folded hands
and swollen choreographed speeches
“read the cards and we will teach you
how to see through the looking glass
and how to fight a thousand deaths”
and come out sober
and blame you for nothing.
I headed for the mountains, and,
I walked up to the great green trees
but they just stared right back at me
said I could stay there through my pain
could learn to make my tears the rain
for branches that would still remain
you must be tough
to be a tree, to take the claws and
winter breeze
“you love him more than you will know,
you’ll fight a war and kill some men
you’ll take the long way back to him”.
we could move out west and buy a piano
we can move out west and buy a piano.

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